A Year In The Light
by Bram Levinson

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We can only take so many selfies before we realize there is more to life.

Bram Levinson believes in moving away from the mediums that keep us all isolated and afraid. We can do better, he argues, and he wants you to live in the light through his new book aptly titled, A Year In The Light. His language emerges from love, as if he was enveloping each of us in a warm blanket.

Bram believes that when this time is recorded in history, it will be considered a dark age. “Consider this a year’s worth of yoga without the physical practice,” he prefaces his book, resplendent with a sun on the cover.

Although Bram is a yoga teacher, he is passionate about the practice of yoga that goes beyond the physical. The parts of a class where you feel like the teacher is talking directly to you. The simple statements that you run over in your head far beyond savasana. The yoga that you live.

Admit it: when your yoga teacher says to you, “Commit to your intention,” there are times when you register a blank. You wanted to be led, not to think. This book is 365 opportunities to connect to an intention that relates to all of us. From loving the difficult people in your life to understanding the larger picture of grief, Bram fills each page with insight. Sometimes all it takes is a few sentences to set us in a more mindful direction.

“Set your intention to continue setting your intentions daily,” encourages Bram. This is a fantastic manual for yoga teachers or those looking to move out of a stuck place. It is for the livers, the movers and the shakers.

365 light-filled days without having to move to the Caribbean. We’re on board with that.

tuja wellness, November 13, 2015

A Year In The Light is such a delight! Bram's wise words help you get through your life with his daily positive quotes and reminders. A great Christmas gift for your self.

Kay Wilcoxon, November 17, 2015

Just a little note to say I'm really enjoying your book- so much so that I've been promoting it- I teach neuroscience and professional development classes for Telus and I suggested they check it out. I read a page to my corporate yoga students last week, and when I go back to teaching high school full time in Feb I will be reading a page a day to my students. What a fun and practical concept for a book. I love it! Thank you

Lauren Enright, December 2, 2015